Bela Karolyi -1986  The most famous and influential Gymnastics Coach in the World!  Bela coached Nadia Comaneci, Ecaterina Szabo, Mary Lou Retton, Betty Okino, Teodora Ungureanu, Kim Zmeskal, Kristie Phillips, Dominique Moceanu, Phoebe Mills, and Kerri Strug.  All Olympic Gymnasts.
I had pleasure of meeting him and training with him at a Coaching Clinic in Wisconsin.  This was the start of my USAG Gymnastics career!

Bart Conner ~1997   One of the most famous male gymnasts of all time!  He was member of the gold medal-winning men's gymnastics team at the 1984 Summer Olympic Games, Bart won an individual gold on the parallel bars.  I took gymnasts to the Bart Connor Gymnastics Academy (BCGA), summer camps, in Norman, OK, for 15 years in a row!  He is very involved in the sport of Gymnastics and is married to Nadia Comaneci.

Nadia Comaneci ~1997   She was the winner of three gold medals at the 1976 Summer Olympics in Montreal and the first gymnast to be awarded a perfect score of 10 in an Olympic gymnastics event.  Nadia was training with Károlyi by the time she was 7 years old, in 1968.  She is still very involved with Gymnastics and is married to Bart Conner.  They have a little son named Dylan.